For users that want a human touch, you’re able to book a virtual session with a therapist or coach for assistance with complex problems or questions.

Drifting apart can be a stressful time in a relationship. Our warm multimedia experience is designed by experts to improve your physical intimacy.

With smart algorithms, we’ll work out your focus areas based on your assessment. Then you’ll be given a plan designed to bring you back together.

A human touch

Bring back intimacy

Drifting apart can be a stressful time in a relationship. Our warm multimedia experience is designed by experts to improve your physical intimacy.

Grow closer


Less stressed


More Connected

Proven by science

The 2022 Efficacy Study of Blueheart found that members reported feeling 70% more connected with their partner after only two weeks.

Face-to-Face Therapy

Help that’s kind to your wallet

Blueheart is specialized couples therapy; all our therapists are fully qualified and highly trained in sex, couple and relationship therapy.

Also, a portion of your money goes towards funding much-needed research into sex and relationship issues.

Join thousands of couples across the world


Our plans are tried and tested by thousands of couples


Couples from all over the world are building stronger relationships

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Your Success

Read the journeys of some of thousands of couples just like you.

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Meet the loving couple who have been married 15 years, but haven't kissed in 2, ready to rediscover their sensuality...

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Melissa & Ross

Sex and SSRI’s don’t make the perfect couple but they’re by no means mutually exclusive, as Melissa and Ross found out…

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Ginny and her partner on going from ‘never in the mood’ to ‘in it together', and realising it’s ok to have fun during therapy...

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Jess & Chris

"Our kids destroyed our sex life" Read how one couple are reigniting as lovers while navigating being parents.

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Sarah & Trevor

Sarah was experiencing pain during sex and at the age of 25, she wondered if she'd ever have sex again...

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Let's try a touch exercise

A popular technique used by therapists to keep that pesky inner critic quiet.

THE Science behind blueheart
How long does it take before I see results?

Many people report feeling less anxious and less alone in their problem in their very first week. Of course, it will take some time for you to gradually feel better and more connected but if you stick to your plan, you’ll get there.

What if my partner doesn’t want to do this?

It can be hard when one of you isn’t as motivated as the other, a good way to deal with this is having an honest and open conversation about it. We have resources to help you with this. Our research shows that treatment is most effective when done together, but we do offer the option to join alone if your partner needs more time.

Can we share one subscription?

Of course! You only pay for one subscription between the two of you. So head to this page to find out how this works.

How long is the program?

Your time with Blueheart depends on how much you stick to your practise and keep at it. Your plan will be six months long, if you choose to start working alone before you join with your partner. It depends on the person, some people like to carry on with the activities once they feel better as it’s always good to maintain and top up your skills every now and then. Plus we regularly release new content to keep things fresh.

How often a week should I do it?

You can use Blueheart as much as you like, there’s enough content there for you to make it part of your daily practice. We advise at least three touch sessions a week, and no more than one touch session a day. This is so you have reflection time on the session and let its benefits truly sink in. We’ll help you keep up the pace, and if you’re doing it with a partner, you can be each other’s cheerleaders.

Are the sessions audio or video?

Blueheart is a multisensory experience, we have a range of written and audio resources for you to explore. The reason audio works perfectly for this type of work is that you can lie back, listen and relax as we guide you through.

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