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Discover the root causes of your tension through an in-depth analysis. Start with our 3 minutes Assessment below!

Relationship Health

Locate the problem areas in your relationship, to understand what needs works.

Psychological Analysis

Assess whether anxiety, stress & other psychological factors are creating sexual challenges.


If you're facing a severe issue or one of a medical nature, we can signpost you to the right specialist.


Physical Aspects

Practical, personalised exercises that you feel comfortable with to reintroduce physical pleasure.

Anxiety & Stress

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) exercises to help control anxiety around sex.


Sex is all about communication, and our plans include exercises to improve your skills.


Based on your assessment, a bespoke treatment plan is formulated and delivered in-app


Rekindle the lust & sexual fire for you and your partner for a stronger, more intimate & pleasureable relationship than ever before.

Sexual Connection

Strengthen and rebuild the sexual connection between your partner.


Learn how to discuss and verbalise your views about sex and your relationship.


Build a beautiful relationship with your partner for a happy, healthy life.

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