Head of Marketing

Blueheart is building a world where nobody has to face the fear and isolation of sex-related problems alone ever again.

We’ve had a rollercoaster of a ride so far, having gone through Preseed and Seed investment rounds of £1.12m in 6 months. We've proven that a change needs to happen and we’re the team to do it. We’re a small but smart team where information and data informs decisions, not meaningless hierarchies. You have an idea? Great, test it and prove your point.

Our mission is to make sex therapy affordable, accessible and shame-free for everyone. For decades, therapy has been accessible only to those who can afford it, who live in cities and who muster enough confidence to seek help. We want to open sex therapy to anyone feeling isolated, alone and scared. So if you think the state of human sex is all fucked up, you're in the right place.

As we ramp up for Series A, we want to bring on a seasoned marketer that can scale a business from the ground up.​​

What We're Looking For

We're looking for a marketing genius to work alongside the founders to build our brand from scratch and setup our marketing team. We're currently aimed at parents, so the perfect person will be a parent themselves and be intimately familiar with the day in the life of a parent.

You need to completely kickstart our engine for growth which means you'll have a greenfield to get creative and put together a scaling marketing strategy. That means setting up the acquisition strategy and executing your plan to bring quality sexual therapy to the people who need it. Ideally you would have taken a marketing strategy from 0 to 1 previously. We see marketing as fundamental to our success, so you'll have the resources you need to bring your ideas to life.​​

You'll Be Responsible For

Your Impact

There are currently millions of people out there struggling with sexual issues. You'll know how isolating and damaging this can be to one's mental health, and if you don't, you may not be the right person. You're tasked helping people in their darkest moments get the help they need to have a healthy and connected life.​

Given the huge work that needs to be done around the double stigma of sex and therapy - you'll be the one transforming public opinion around both of these important topics. It's no small task, but what could be more rewarding than saying to change sex forever. Calm did it with meditation. Blueheart is doing it for sex, and you'll be leading the way.​



We do our best to be as objective in our decision making as possible. That means we're all about testing, measuring and learning across all areas of the business. If you've got a wild idea, get the MVP out, see the results and the learnings will guide our decisions.​


Using what you have to achieve the impossible. We're a startup, there's no 30 person support team for you. You need to be extremely resourceful and ready to take on novel challenges yourself.


Finding a way forward in the face of complex challenges. We have to make tough decisions day in day out, and it's crucial to be pragmatic at solving the sea of issues.​



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