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Connection is why we’re here, giving purpose and meaning to our lives. But for thousands of years, relationships and sexual issues have been hidden under the sheets. There are millions of relationships in the world that break down because we don’t have the right education and tools available. This is more than a personal problem. It can create anger, sadness, and loneliness. And it can break families. That’s why we’re putting intimacy issues on the public health agenda. We’re encouraging everyone to shake out their inner thoughts and fears around sex and say: intimacy issues are normal. Sex therapy can solve it.

We’ve been constantly growing since 2019 and have worked with over 40,000 couples so far. Through the power of technology, we’re making real change. If a therapist can see 20 couples a week for 6 months, it would take them 1,000 years to help that number of people. We’re creating an accessible space where everyone can benefit from sex therapy. Because when our relationships thrive, we thrive. If you’re an ethically driven person who wants to use their expertise to make a difference in the world, you’re in the right place

What We're Looking For

A senior Product Manager that will own the product strategy and act as the glue that holds the therapy, content, engineering & marketing functions together. You'll be empowered by the co-founders to manage Blueheart's product direction based on quantitative and qualitative data to drive the company forward and change the lives of millions of people.

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Your Impact

As the person responsible for the product direction, you are a cornerstone of the company's success. A new feature could genuinely save a child from growing up without their parents, so there's a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.

There are billions of people out there struggling with sex right now, and we're fighting to undo centuries of social norms to bring them to a healthier place and your success means a dramatic increase in the overall happiness of the planet.


Our key values are candidness, compassion, and hard work when it comes to selecting our teammates.

As a person, you've likely spent your career becoming very good at your job, but lacking the meaning in your life. Making products without the sense of improving the world has forced you to look to ensure the next step of your life forces you to apply your skills to helping the world become a better place. That's who we hire at Blueheart.


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