Product Designer

Blueheart is building a world where nobody has to face the fear and isolation of sex-related problems alone ever again.

We’ve had a rollercoaster of a ride so far, having gone through Preseed and Seed investment rounds of £1.12m in 6 months. We've proven that a change needs to happen and we’re the team to do it. We’re a small but smart team where information and data informs decisions, not meaningless hierarchies. You have an idea? Great, test it and prove your point.

Our mission is to make sex therapy affordable, accessible and shame-free for everyone. For decades, therapy has been accessible only to those who can afford it, who live in cities and who muster enough confidence to seek help. We want to open sex therapy to anyone feeling isolated, alone and scared. So if you think the state of human sex is all fucked up, you're in the right place.

What We're Looking For

The creative genius who's obsessed with communicating things beautifully and simply. Our engineering team aren't aesthetically gifted (sorry engineering team!) and the CEO has been the team's designer so far. However, with company growth, it's time to pass the baton on to a Designer who can whip up prototypes in lightning speed and create designs for our engineers.

You'll Be Responsible For

Your Impact

As a designer, you probably feel that bad design equals a bad product. You're right. Clever design is an unspoken unique part of every company we interact with, so we take it seriously. Whether our company lives or dies comes down to how well we've designed the user experience...or more accurately, how you've designed the user experience. Given the difficulty so many people have with sex, whether they love or hate their experience is the difference between sticking to therapy and having vibrant connections - or not.

The work you do could keep families together, help people avoid the pain that is heartbreak and change their views on sex. We obviously think these are the most fundamental parts of human happiness, and the right designer will feel the same way.


As our first and only Design hire, you'll have creative license to produce as your heart desires - as long as user's love it, go crazy. We're a lean team, so expect experimenting A LOT with prototype after prototype to get your design perfected. We have a lot of resources dedicated to user testing, so you'll have a lot of support.


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