UX Researcher

Blueheart is building a world where nobody has to face the fear and isolation of sex-related problems alone ever again.


We’ve had a rollercoaster of a ride so far, having gone through Preseed and Seed investment rounds of £1.12m in 6 months. We've proven that a change needs to happen and we’re the team to do it. We’re a small but smart team where information and data informs decisions, not meaningless hierarchies. You have an idea? Great, test it and prove your point.

Our mission is to make sex therapy affordable, accessible and shame-free for everyone. For decades, therapy has been accessible only to those who can afford it, who live in cities and who muster enough confidence to seek help. We want to open sex therapy to anyone feeling isolated, alone and scared. So if you think the state of human sex is all fucked up, you're in the right place.

What We're Looking For

An exceptional & empathetic UX Researcher to conduct generative research to drive the product roadmap. As a core part of the early team, you'll need to have the passion and determination to truly understand human sexual psychology to locate where we can enhance the experience.

You'll Be Responsible For:

  • Defining, planning, recruiting, executing and analysing user research studies

  • Conduct and analyse incredible 1-1 user interviews

  • Dive into product analytics to understand user behaviour

  • Communicate all your learnings to management

Your Impact

The impact this will have cannot be overstated. If you’ve gone through a break-up (like everyone) you will know how damaging this can be on one’s mental health. If you’re successful in the role, you will be saving the marriages & relationships of millions of people who have no where to turn and nobody to talk to. This comes with a lot of responsibility, but the upside is people will tell you that you saved them from the darkest moments in their life. 

People will be opening up to you about the deepest parts of themselves - so expect to have a cry every once in a while. But that emotion will be the engine to keep your striving to help these people struggling, and others like them. If there's one thing you'll get with Blueheart, it's purpose. 


We trust the people we work with and you’ll be working directly with the founders' who are ready to give you ownership of the UX process. We’re all about experimenting, seeing results and improving. If you’ve got a wild idea that you think might work, you’ll get one response - ‘Do it, and let’s see the results’.


  • 3-5 years experience as a UX researcher in consumer tech (3 years minimum)

  • Flawless academic track record with a bachelors' degree in Psychology, Economics or equivalent design background.

  • Ability to empathise with users struggling with sex-related problems.

  • Working knowledge of prototyping tools desired (XD, Sketch, InVision etc...)