Senior Full Stack Engineer

We’re a team of compassionate & smart people that want to use our skills to make the world a better place. Just because we’re nice doesn’t mean we’re not ambitious or hungry.


Our first product, Blueheart, was launched in 2020 as one of the world’s first sex therapy apps to help couples struggling to access quality care. We saved a lot of marriages with Blueheart which is something we’re incredibly proud of. Blueheart continues to run profitably, but we’re now spinning out our next app, HNSTLY.


We believe that close-knit communities should be at the heart of our daily lives but it’s so difficult to build this in the modern world. That’s why we’re building a future where everyone has a close network of the people they love most. A world where connecting with the people you care about isn’t a painful exercise that feels like a burden. It’s effortless. A world where you’re not too busy for the people you care about and they’re not too busy for you. You feel understood and know that even if life takes a turn for the worst, you’ve got your tribe who’ll be right by your side, holding your hand.


HNSTLY is a social network that is designed to spark meaningful conversations to help you grow closer to your partner, friends and people you admire.

We’ve raised from institutional VC firms and angels across Europe, closing our latest funding in January 2023, so we have plenty of runway to achieve our goals.

About the role

We’re looking for an ethical & driven Full Stack Engineer to keep up momentum on the speed of development. We're a lean and agile team where you'll be working alongside 2 other senior developers with 13+ years experience each. You'll be working closely with the Product team (Head of Product and Product Designer) to bring the roadmap to life and be an integral part of the decision-making process on what & how to build.

You’ll be responsible for publishing code that follows best practices on the mobile app stores and you’ll be on top of delivering early and often. In addition to this, work isn’t only about production but also about the energy you bring to a team. We’re looking for someone that brings a positive energy into our close-knit team and adds colour to the daily life in the company.

Responsibilities include:

Tech Stack:

What we’re looking for:

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