We exist to improve humanity's capacity for connection.

If you were to think about your greatest source of happiness, it will most likely be love. We crave touch, connection and relationships down to our very DNA. On the flip side, if we think of our greatest source of pain, we might also be drawn back to the four letter word.

Fears about sex are really fears about our ability to connect with others. Despite knowing how important relationships are to our lives, we’re never taught how to have healthy connections. Millions of human connections are destroyed each day because society has refused to offer education and guidance based on scientific research about sex. Not only is this causing so much pain and hatred between people, it's also creating it within them.

We exist to to improve humanity’s capacity for connection by pioneering the connections science movement and share our learnings with the world.

Our Values


Decision-making powered by data gathered through scientific process and methodologies


Using what you have to achieve the impossible.


Finding a way forward in the face of complex challenges.

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