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There’s no denying it – love makes the world go round. But most of us haven’t been shown how to look after it properly. That’s why we’ve developed a whole host of courses and exercises on the topic.

There’s no denying it – love makes the world go round. But most of us haven’t been shown how to look after it properly. That’s why we’ve developed a whole host of courses and exercises on the topic. Created by experts using science-backed techniques, we help you explore and understand the most important relationship you will ever have.

With smart algorithms, we'll map out the key areas you'll benefit from the most. So take your time and answer a few questions about your relationship with our free assessment.

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"Making your relationship the best it can be is easier than you think. Blueheart is here to guide you - teaching you things you never knew about love, sex and connection. Think of it as stepping stone toward a closer, more intimate relationship."

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Marco & Alex

Find out how they de-stressed their marriage and turned a heavy burden into a bonding experience...

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Kim & Jade

They overcame perceived gender roles and mental load in their relationship by learning to listen to each other...

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Ginny and her partner on going from ‘never in the mood’ to ‘in it together', and realising it’s ok to have fun during therapy...

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Jess & Chris

"Our kids destroyed our sex life" Read how one couple are reigniting as lovers while navigating being parents.

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Sarah & Trevor

Sarah was experiencing pain during sex and at the age of 25, she wondered if she'd ever have sex again...

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How long does it take before I see results?

Many Bluehearters tell us they feel a huge weight off their shoulders right away, feeling less alone and anxious after only a couple of sessions. You can see above for the extraordinary 2-week results, but the best comes from adding regular practice into your routine.

What if my partner doesn’t want to do this?

It can be hard when one of you isn’t as motivated as the other, a good way to deal with this is having an honest and open conversation about it. We have resources to help you with this. Our research shows that Blueheart is most effective when done together, but we do offer the option to join alone if your partner needs more time.

Can we share one subscription?

Of course! You only pay for one subscription between the two of you. So head to this page to find out how this works.

How often a week should I do it?

You can use Blueheart as much as you like, there’s enough content there for you to make it part of your daily practice. We advise at least two touch sessions a week, and no more than one Touch session a day. This is so you have reflection time on the session and let its benefits truly sink in. We’ll help you keep up the pace, and if you’re doing it with a partner, you can be each other’s cheerleaders.

Are the sessions audio or video?

Blueheart is a multisensory experience, we have a range of written and audio resources for you to explore. The reason audio works perfectly for this type of work is that you can lie back, listen and relax as we guide you through.

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