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Partner Linking

Photo of Dr Katherine Hertlein
Reviewed by Dr Katherine Hertlein,
created by Blueheart
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created by Sophie Browness
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Photo of Dr Katherine Hertlein
Reviewed by Dr Laura Vowels,
created by Blueheart
created by Josh Green
created by Sophie Browness
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Why is Blueheart better done together?

We have a lot of content to help you with the relationship with yourself, your mind and your body. You’ll be given time to work on yourself at your own pace while slowly introducing partnered work. You can bring your partner in at any time, but to get the best results, the sooner the better.

So sex therapy is best with two people?

Being able to talk through your experiences that you are both going through is extremely valuable, and we’ll help you all the way. Both of you will have really important roles in understanding and working on this. You’ve come to us with a relationship problem, this is for you to go through together - hand in hand. 

Do you have any research on it?

Of course! Click here to read the research paper by our very own Dr Laura Vowels on why treating sexual desire discrepancy is more effective when both members of the couple are involved.

How do I share my subscription with my partner?

Before you start:

  • Make sure you both have signed up
  • Make sure you both have downloaded the app
  • Make sure you both have taken your assessment
  • Make sure only one of you has a subscription 
  1. Tap “Invite your partner to Blueheart” from the home screen
  2. Share your invite with your partner via Whatsapp/ email / whatever you like
  3. Your partner will receive their link
  4. Your partner should tap the link, which will open the app. They will see a message saying that you would like to pair accounts
  5. Your partner should accept the invitation
  6. On your home screen, you’ll see “Invite accepted, confirm link?”, tap that and then tap “Confirm Link”
  7. That’s it! You’re linked! You’ll both get full access to the app so long as one of you has an active subscription. 

What if we both already have a subscription?

Don’t worry, the app will work just fine, but one of you should cancel your subscription otherwise you will both be billed. A guide for how to cancel or manage your subscription can be found for iOS at here and for Android here.

Can my partner see my progress on the app?

Nope! You both have your own private account to work from, your joint sessions will look the same so just choose whoever’s phone is closest!

Will my history and progress be saved?

It’ll look just how you left it, all your progress will still be saved so you know what you’ve done and what you have left to do. 

I’m worried about bringing this up with my partner, how do I best talk to them about it?

It can feel really intimidating bringing up something like this, especially when it’s been a huge source of pressure for a while. We help you have this conversation if you haven’t yet, look out for "Introducing your partner to Blueheart" session in-app or read this article.

Is there more in the pipeline for partner linking?

Yes! We are hard at work researching and creating the very best possible joint experience for you and your partner. We have lots of great updates coming up soon so stay tuned. 

Help! I’m still not sure what to do!

Email [email protected] and we can help you. 

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