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Read the journeys of some of thousands of couples just like you.

Jess (40) & Chris (42)

"Our kids destroyed our sex life" Read how one couple are reigniting as lovers while navigating being parents...
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Ginny (35)

Ginny and her partner on going from ‘never in the mood’ to ‘in it together', and realising it’s ok to have fun during therapy...
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Paul (40) & Marianne (38)

Meet the loving couple who have been married 15 years, but haven't kissed in 2, ready to rediscover their sensuality...
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Melissa (28) & Ross (29)

Sex and SSRI’s don’t make the perfect couple but they’re by no means mutually exclusive, as Melissa and Ross found out…
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Sarah & Trevor (25)

Sarah was experiencing pain during sex and at the age of 25, she wondered if she’d ever have sex again…
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Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2021 study who helped create these stories, to encourage others like you to take the leap. Names have been changed.
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