head attention couple
Illustration by Marta Pucci

Lucas (51) & Brandon (56)

Told by Lucas.

I’ve been with Brandon for 15 years now, and we’ve known each other for 20. I felt like we’d had every dinner there is, told each other every story and had every conversation there is to be had. 

We had both been feeling the monotony of life. Everything just felt a bit stale and predictable. We still really loved each other but were kind of just coexisting.

A friend suggested Blueheart and the app became a sort of middleman to prompt us to give the relationship a kick up the ass, or a reset if you like. Maybe that’s better.

We brought the joy back into our relationship.

It got us both to think about each other in new ways, and dig deep into conversations we hadn’t had in a long time - or ever. The daily questions and appreciation activities especially add so much light into our day. 

It helps us speak more positively with each other and brings us closer together.

Even our sex life came back to life, with the help of the touch sessions, we could rediscover each other’s bodies again, and for me, how my body and mind reacted to touch. It reminded me why we used to do it so much (if that’s not TMI). We’d both been trying to find what was missing by chasing after new hobbies and friends, but this was it, right here all along, all this potential for love and fun and fulfillment was here at home. We just needed a little help finding it. Is that cheesy? I don’t care. 

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