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Does penis size matter?

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*In this article, we’re going to refer to the sexual organs in terms of sex rather than gender, while acknowledging there may be some reading who identify as female with male genitals, as male with female genitals, or non-binary.

It’s easy to feel like we’re a little more familiar with the penis, as we see it everywhere, graffiti on walls, drawn on school desks, and, well it’s just all there isn’t it, on the outside! But of course, there’s still much to learn. 

What makes up a penis?

The penis is made up of three main parts: the root (the internal parts), the shaft (the longer external part) which can be long, short, curved or straighter and the glans, otherwise known as the head. The glans contains the urethral opening (for pee) and is the most sensitive part of the penis. 

Yas Queen! ...Or King

The base of the glans is the corona, which actually means ‘crown,’ (look at you, your majesty). It’s the ridge around the head. Covering this, is the foreskin, the loose, retractable layer of skin which protects the head. Some have their foreskin removed through circumcision.  Cultural and religious reasons aside, there are differing opinions on the health benefits of this, as long as you have good hygiene practices, either way - you’re good. 

Growers and showers

Erections happen like this: there are three cylinders in the shaft that fill with blood on arousal. Some penises will grow a little, some a lot in this process. Both are OK.

Does size really matter? 

It’s tempting here to tell you the average penis size, but why does it matter what everybody else has? There can be a huge societal pressure for penis’s to look a certain way but remember, film, TV and porn don’t help to give a realistic view. Remember, that sex is much much more than penetration, and getting to know your body and that of your partners is the best way to increase sexual pleasure in your relationship regardless of penis or vagina size. 

What if my balls are different sizes?

Either side of the penis, are the testis or balls. Held in the scrotum, they create sperm and testosterone. They’re usually similar in size but it’s not uncommon to be not exactly the same. It’s very very important to keep familiar with them and how they usually feel so you can check for lumps and bumps at regular intervals. 

If you notice a change in your genitals or any part of your body that concerns you, go to your doctor, and don't worry - they've seen it all before.

This post is by no means an extensive guide, please see this as something to whet your appetite, your gateway to knowledge and discovery. Keep learning and growing.

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